I am a local artist working on Cameraygal Land, Sydney

Title: Sea Spray -  Artist-grade watercolours on arches 300gsm, pure cotton, acid free paper 2022 ©

Winner of The Lloyd Rees Prize Award, 2022

In the Cove newspaper article by Jacky Barker. To have a read about the winners of the Lane Cove Art Society Artxtra Exhibition in year 2022. 

Where to PURCHASe My Paintings

I sell my artworks around Australia and internationally through Bluethumb, it is an online art gallery platform for Australian artists selling original artworks.  Occasionally, I sell paintings through group exhibitions around Sydney. Alternatively, if you like buying art from charity shops/venues, I sometimes donate to local charities around Sydney. 

Title: White Roses - Artist-grade acrylics on canvas board, acid free, pure cotton & primed with gesso ©

My Sketchbook Journal

I enjoy allocating time to create small drawings in my sketchbooks. I often use my plein air paintings to draw inspiration from. My preference lies with intuitive painting. But not all the time because I find value in plein air painting and sometimes planning my future artworks has it's benefits.  By experiencing outdoor painting it allows me to observe nature and to master my drawing and painting skills overtime. In turn, I like to use my own landscape photographs in my studio but this sometimes creates a very flat painting. In addition, with my still-life artworks I use real flowers and leaves to draw from.

Sea Spray Series

My beachscenes and botanical  paintings are inspired by the natural world.  The central theme of my artworks, are to create the illusion of movement in my seascape paintings to show flow and movement on a 2D format. To do this, I paint natural elements within my painting such as rocks, clouds, crashing waves and water ripples. I do the same with my botanical paintings by creating a flow and movement with how I paint the leaves and flowers.  Visually, the type of brushstrokes I like to implement are varied.   I like to create atmospheric paintings.

Title: French Roses - Artist-grade watercolours on arches 300gsm, acid free, pure cotton paper, varnished with fixative ©



I would like to begin by acknowledging the Cameraygal People as the traditional owners of the land.  I extend my respect to all First Nations People.